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The practice of rising internal indwelling of the Holy Spirit, to flood our systems, with this frequency, is overwhelming healing!

Cellular Spirituality™ (a God given protocol to assist people releasing body, mind and soul healing through courts of heaven) is a combination of revelation, release, and redemption. The process includes; body work, pray-storm, discernment, writing, scripture, and more. The Beloved’s tuner, becomes better, to hear directly, from the true Holy Spirit. It is different for all!

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Growing up, I was not shown the process of releasing iniquities. I was raised in a more pastoral environment. Many of my prayers are answered through the power of love. Yet, I was not receiving the fullness of the Bible’s promises. My healing needed a deeper discernment to release me from spiritual chains; the process of deliverance, the courts of heaven, binding the strongman etc. my lineages became released. I stood in the gap for the family and consciously renounced and declared for all four lineages. (I have four lineages, 2 from my physical parents and 2 from my covenantal parents through the legal process of adoption).

A Step Back

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In Divinity School in 2001

After being in a corporate position at the top of my career, Jesus called me out for full time Theological studies, to work for the Kingdom. I was obedient to that call. Turned out to be one of the best three years of my life. When God calls us. He has your back.

Through scriptures learned in Divinity School, the Holy Spirit highlighted specific ones regarding healing physically and emotionally under the True Holy Spirit.

Matthew 18:18 ESV 

“Truly, I say to you, whatever you bind [don’t allow] on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose [allow] on earth shall be loosed in heaven” God showed me scriptures to assist the release (loose) of painful muscles.


Some were spirits, some were trapped emotions, others where a combination of iniquities, trauma and trapped emotions (not processed out of the body) Clients find me for different reasons!

Who is this for?


Group one

People who have pain in their bodies come see me first for body work. I specialize in trigger point therapy, MYO FASCIA, lymphatic and Cranial Sacral therapy. Conversations arise by literally pushing on muscles retaining trapped energy. We use the courts of heaven right there in the massage, while I continue to work on those areas. The client notices a difference right away, the level of tension released. why does some pain remain? Sometimes habit of thought or body movement. We work on those behaviors!


Group two

Others come in because they have completed some levels of deliverance and need ekklesia to strategy pray-storm. Getting your “tuner” cleared further, understanding the bible better, vetting what you hear, lining up with biblical studies.

1 Kings 6:5-6

“He[Solomon] built a complex of rooms against the outer walls of the Temple, all the way around the sides and rear of the building. The complex was three stories high…. The rooms were connected to the walls of the Temple by beams resting on ledge built out from the wall. So, the beams were not inserted into the walls themselves. “

Many passages in the bible reflect the body. Rooms, outer walls, windows, Staircases, DNA and the winding stairway meaning the double helix.

All of our body, mind, soul need to be submitted to the True Holy Spirit.


My journey through deliverance seemed to be more complicated because of adoption. I am grateful for the biblical process to assist others who also are struggling to find that internal peace promised from Jesus.

I am a Street Minister in Austin, since 2014

We were Hairstream Ministries, now we are

Now a national grow program, food, for the spirit and the body! ILYMTYLM I love you more than you love me, Ministries. (formerly Hairstream Ministries


Almost a decade, I operated as a street minister doing haircuts in downtown Austin, God showed me many tools needed as I pressed forward in callings. During 2020 and 2021 I became a fulltime street minister as our streets flooded with tents, needs and spiritual release from earthly ways.

Rainbow Butterflies is about how God stitches families together in all different ways; The names of the butterflies are a mixture of birth family and covenantal family (by adoption) . We all have our own individual identity but truly work best together in love and obedience to God!

Please contact Stacy at 508.801.4043 for more details

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